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Photographer biography

In this list, you’ll find 6 simple steps to transforming your photographer bio into a winning piece of content to help up your game in freelance photography. 1. Introduce Yourself This should be an obvious start, however, the trick is how you introduce yourself. A photographer’s bio is a short text about you as a photographer that is usually seen at your portfolio, website or Instagram. What visitors find written on your website influences on their decision. Photography bios help understand the type of personality you have and estimate whether working with you would be efficient and easy. Below are five photographer biographies that are worth getting your hands on. These books will give you a new personal insight into the world of Adams, Steichen, Arbus, Cartier-Bresson, and Stieglitz. Once you discover something new about them and their world, the stories behind their photographs might take a new light in your eyes.

204+Best Photographer Bio to Make Your Own Photographers can record special events and tells stories through images. They take pictures of people, places, events, and objects to make everything memorable and untouched by the course of time. Page Contents Photographer Bio For Facebook Photographer Bio For Twitter Photography Bio For Instagram (Photographer) 22 6 Birthdate: March 14, 1923 Sun Sign: Pisces Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, United States Died: July 26, 1971 6 Dorothea Lange (Photographer) 22 4 Birthdate: May 26, 1895 Sun Sign: Gemini Birthplace: Hoboken, New Jersey, United States Died: October 11, 1965 7 Cindy Sherman (Photographer, Film director) 22 6 Listed In: Artists Writing photographer bio requires maximum focus and commitment, you need to avoid distraction during this process because you are trying to please two different people with different mindsets. Your artwork needs to be appealing to you and at the same time be appealing to your readers so it needs to be concrete. There was never a more prolific photographer than Robert Frank. From 1941, he worked as a commercial photographer in Zurich, Basel and Geneva. In 1947, he found a job as a fashion photographer in the US. He used his 35mm Leica, unconventional at the time. Between 1950 and ’59 he turned his attention to street photography and photojournalism. Thomas Joseph Wynne (photographer) (1838 – 26 October 1893) Max Yavno (1911–1985) Bunny Yeager (1929–2014) Jerome Zerbe (1904–1988) John G. Zimmerman (1927–2002) David Drew Zingg (1923–2000) Fred Zinn (1892–1960) Monte Zucker (1929–2007) Oceania Australia Platon was born on 20 April 1968 in Greece. His father (Jim Antoniou) was a Greek architect and illustrator and his mother is an art historian. Platon is currently married and has two children. He was raised in Greece and moved to England at the age of 8. Photographer: job description.

Many photographers begin their careers as photographic assistants, setting up lights and stands, arranging transport and occasionally acting as a 'second shooter'. Photographers use a variety of photographic equipment to capture events, people, objects or scenes for records, art or commercial use. A photographer is a professional that focuses on the art of taking photographs with a digital or film camera. Photographers use artificial and/or natural lighting to snap pictures of various people, places and things in a variety of settings. Some photographers focus on studio work, while other explore the natural, outside world. A photographer is a professional that focuses on the art of taking photographs with a digital or film camera. Some photographers focus on studio work, while other explore the natural, outside world. Earn a bachelor's degree in photography to get a job in this field. While in school, develop a portfolio to showcase your work. A news photographer records images that allow viewers to see current events as they happen. Commonly called photojournalists, they take still images and digital video.

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Photographer biography

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